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At the start of the 20th Century a deaf man called George Mackenzie married a deaf lady and moved to Cambridge. The couple made some deaf friends who would visit their home and so they saw the importance of a close community. George then went to his church and asked about a space where deaf people could meet up.

In 1912, the Bishop from the Diocese of Ely had its first meeting and George Mackenzie became the first President and Missioner for the Deaf in Cambridgeshire.

To handle the growing demand for support ‘The Isle of Ely and Cambridgeshire Association for The Deaf and Dumb’ opened on 16th June 1927 at Hope Hall, 8, Romsey Terrace, Cambridge (our main office to this day).

Over the years CDA has taken the lead in supporting deaf people in Cambridgeshire and is the go-to place for deaf people in our area.

Changing times have recently led to exciting developments. In 2017 we opened an office in Huntingdon and in 2018 we began operating from a new office in Peterborough as well because of the growth in the deaf population there.