Mission, Values and Trustees


Cambridgeshire Deaf Association (CDA) exists to support the welfare and interests of Deaf people living in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough.

CDA works mainly with the Deaf community or people for whom deafness or deafblindness is a significant consideration when communicating.


Deaf and Hearing people are equal and should receive the same levels of opportunity, access and respect. Deaf people are only ‘disabled’ by the effects of discrimination and exclusion.

The Deaf community and Deaf culture are important to the sense of identity of individual Deaf people. British Sign Language is a language in its own right.

CDA believes in the principle of the empowerment of Deaf people. We respect their independence and welcome opportunities to work with them.

CDA seeks to provide a quality service that lets users set standards and continuously seeks to improve.

All staff are valued – CDA works productively to provide a professional and safe environment with allows opportunities for staff to update their skills.

CDA recognises the value of partnerships and coordination of services and will seek to avoid unnecessary duplication of services and unproductive competition.

Trustees and Officers

Our Trustees are:

  • Dr Janie Anderson – Chairperson
  • Godfrey Palmer – Vice Chair
  • Justine Brain – Treasurer
  • Elaine Heath
  • Angus McGuiness
  • Brendan Casey
  • Chris Abbott
    • Secretary to the Trustees is Andy Palmer

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