Have your say on local consultations

What is a consultation?

When councils or local health providers make changes to the way they deliver services they often ask for the views of local people. This is called a consultation.

They have a responsibility to make sure that everyone has a chance to contribute to consultations and that includes deaf people.

For example, consultations can be on anything from planning a new bus stop to how mental health care is delivered.

Have your say!

Have a look at the links below to see if there are consultations going on in your area that you want to contribute to. If you would like to be supported to give your views on a consultation, please let us know by getting in contact with us here

Council and health consultation websites across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough

Cambridgeshire County Council

Fenland District Council

South Cambs District Council

Cambridge City Council

Huntingdonshire District Council

East Cambs District Council

Peterborough City Council

Local NHS Clinical Commissioning Group