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Cambridgeshire Hearing Help to Merge with CDA

Cambridgeshire deaf charities merge to create one-stop shop for those with hearing loss or deafness in the county.

Cambridgeshire Deaf Association and Cambridgeshire Hearing Help are merging at the end of the month to create an all-encompassing, go-to place for support for anyone with deafness or hearing loss in Cambridgeshire.

As part of the merger, all staff and volunteers from Cambridgeshire Hearing Help will transfer over to the Cambridgeshire Deaf Association and continue their mission to reduce the impact of hearing loss for people in the county.

Chairman of Cambridgeshire Hearing Loss, Paul McCloskey, is looking forward to the change and is hoping that they can provide an even better service in the future.

“Cambridgeshire Hearing Help (CHH) is proud of its long history of serving people throughout the County who experience hearing loss. We firstly developed our services as CAMTAD and then as CHH since 2014.  However, as a small local charity, we are not unusual in finding that much has changed over the decades, and our NHS hearing aid maintenance services are increasingly highly-valued by thousands of people in our local communities.   We know therefore that it is incredibly important that our Hearing Aid Maintenance centres and our services to residential home and housebound residents continue.

CHH is therefore delighted to have developed a collaboration with the Cambridgeshire Deaf Association (CDA) to be able to transfer our staff, volunteers and services to this well-respected local charity.  It ensures that local residents will continue to receive Hearing Help services delivered in their local communities after we merge on 31st March 2022. “

The new, bigger, Cambridgeshire Deaf Association will be led by current CDA Chief Executive, Andrew Palmer, who says that he is very aware of the legacy that he inherits from CHH.

“We feel a keen sense of responsibility in taking on the management of Cambridgeshire Hearing Help. It is an organisation with a proud history of supporting tens of thousands, maybe even hundreds of thousands of people over the last 44 years.

We at CDA will do all we can to ensure that the great services it offers can continue in a sustainable way. Losing those services would be a devastating blow to the people that rely on them to keep connected to the world around them. The numbers of people with a diagnosable hearing loss are thought to be in the region of 250k in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough and we will support many those with the greatest need.

The services we will offer together in future have a key role to play in combatting isolation, improving health and giving equal access for older people with hearing loss. Alongside the existing services that CDA offers to the deaf community, we’re the one-stop shop for support for anyone with deafness or hearing loss in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough.

It is a challenging time for charities and we’re no exception to that. But we’re fortunate to have a team loaded with amazing skills and experience so I can feel confident for the future.”

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