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Representatives from Peterborough Deaf Community meet Commissioners

Representatives from Peterborough’s Deaf Community aged below 50 met with staff from Peterborough City Council led by Commissioner Gary Jones to discuss the issues deaf people face in the city. The representatives talked about issues relating to health and social care, transport, and employment. 
The group also talked about way deaf  services might be improved. 
This meeting comes after a series of successful meetings with deaf people aged over 50 in Peterborough, and is the next step towards creating potential partnership boards with the council for the deaf community with the aim of making progress in combatting long standing inequalities suffered by deaf people in the city. 
Andy Palmer, Managing Director of CDA said: “I’m delighted that our relationship with the council continues to develop and shows real signs of making progress. 
“Thanks again to Gary and Karen Berkeley of the Commissioning team for thier continued focus on improving the lives of the local Deaf Community which looks like it could begin to make a difference soon.”
The next meeting is due to be in October.