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Give your views at BSL mental health consultation

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At any one time, at least one person in six is experiencing a mental health condition.
This is bad for the individual and for the people around them. The government loses money too because people cannot work and need additional health care.
Cambridgeshire County Council, together with other organisations, have developed a Public Mental Health Strategy.
The aim of this strategy is to ensure that the council are maximising opportunities to promote good mental health and prevent mental illness.
This, for example, could include reducing stigma around mental health, working with employers so that they are supportive of those with mental health problems or reducing social isoaltion.
Cambridgeshire County Council are keen to gather a wide range of views on how best they can ensure that they are promoting good mental health and preventing people from developing mental illness.
They will be holding a meeting for deaf people with BSL interpreters present at the CDA building in Cambridge.
It will be on at 6pm on Friday 1st May.
We hope to see you there to give your views on this important subject.
Let us know that you’re coming so we get enough cakes and biscuits
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