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Support the urgent building work at CDA

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Our building in Cambridge is undergoing urgent building work and we need support from the community in Cambridgeshire to help pay for it. We need you help.

The building has lots of problems:

  • Damp
  • Leaking windows and roof
  • Guttering and brickwork problems
  • Dangerous flooring
  • Old decoration and outdated facilities like toilets and kitchens
  • Poor disabled access

We know that some people don’t like to come to CDA’s building any more because of the state it was in. If we leave the problems or damp to continue then it will be too late and the building could be condemned and shut for good. That would be a disaster for deaf people in Cambridgeshire.
When the building is fixed we will be using it for the good of the community through holding more events and celebrations especially for the Deaf Community. We also will be inviting local businesses and colleges to use the building as a conference and meeting centre. We will be calling it Hope Hall, just like it used to be called. This will help generate income for CDA to make sure that we can continue to provide great services for deaf people.

Matt Talbot is deaf and managing the work

The refurbished building will have:

  • Two large rooms to use and to rent out
  • Refurbished entrance corridor
  • A studio for making and producing videos
  • Updated kitchen
  • New toilet facilities
  • CCTV
  • Wheelchair access to the front door
  • A new ramp for access to the disabled toilet
  • A new bin store
  • Changes to car park
  • Beautiful new hall
  • A future

Please support our project that will make a difference for years to come.

  • All donors will be recognised on a special buildings page on our website and in CDA News.
  • Donors of £100 or more will have their names on a special brass plaque in the building.
  • Donors of over £500 will become Lifetime Vice Presidents; be invited to the official opening of the building as VIP; attend a special Vice Presidents dinner with a guest speaker and have ther name recorded on a special brass plaque in the building.

How to donate

You can donate online through Local Giving here
Send a cheque to: Building Fund, Cambridgeshire Deaf Association, 8 Romsey Terrace, Cambridge, CB1 3NH

Thank you for your support