Service provider responsibilities

Please book a British Sign Language Interpreter or communication support for every appointment for your deaf clients who use British Sign Language or are deaf or hard-of-hearing. In addition:

  • make a longer appointment time
  • book as soon as possible, through your chosen agency
  • If you would like us to help you find an interpreter or communication support, click here
  • ensure you agree a method of contact, eg by email or text
  • ensure the deaf client knows when their appointment is being called in the waiting room
  • pass on this information if you refer on, with the clients permission

It is your legal responsibility under:

The Equality Act 2010

You have a duty to make reasonable adjustments for an individual who is at a substantial disadvantage due to their disability. In this case a British Sign Language Interpreter or other communication support. Read more about the Public Services Equality Duty (opens new window)

The NHS Accessible Information Standard

Organisations are required by law to identify and record the information and communication needs of their patients to make sure patients can fully access any medical information they may require. See more information here (opens new window)

Failure to provide a communication support may leave a service provider liable to a discrimination claim. Solicitors cost substantially more per hour than booking communication support.

Other useful websites for information regarding booking communication support: