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Full transcript of NHS Deaf Health Forum in Peterborough

Here’s a full transcript of the CDA Peterborough Deaf Health Forum held last month.
The feedback to NHS begins on page 8 and before that there is a comprehensive overview of the problems facing the NHS locally and an introduction from our Managing Director Andy Palmer.
Here’s what some people at the forum had to say:

I went for an operation and I asked for an interpreter for the day. I arrived at the hospital. An interpreter was there. It was fabulous. But they said they were only there for an hour
My experience was when I went to a doctor and he provided an interpreter. The sign language was not particularly of a high quality. They had gone through an agency, but did not have an interpreter qualification.
My wife had to go to hospital. I’m deaf and the staff froze, pretty much. They did know how to communicate with me as a deaf person

CDA will be working with the NHS to improve the situation for deaf people in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough. The next forum will be in January 2016.
Thank you to AI Media for providing the captions and transcript free of charge
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