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March Deaf Club Christmas events 2014

March Deaf Club Christmas events 2014

March Deaf Clubs Christmas Meal – Godfrey Palmer has the details (He says buffet is on 7th December but it is actually 5th) [wpvideo KBRKZ0yp]Transcript: Hello, my name is Godfrey Palmer and I am the Vice Chair of CDA. I’m also the Secretary for March Deaf Club. I want to tell you all about March […]

Lauren Mansfield is raising money for CDA. What a star!

Lauren Mansfield, who is deaf herself, is going to do a fun run with her children to raise money for The Cambridgeshire Deaf Association. Check out this video and her giving page for more information. [wpvideo uctBxcvJ] Lauren explained why she was doing the run: Born on Monday 19th August, I was a fully functioning […]

Sign Health Visit and Jamie Billam's farewell

[wpvideo di5Dr4Ut] The charity Sign Health are coming here on Wednesday 19th November from 11:30am till 2:30pm. They will be coming to talk about their report called ‘Sick Of it’ which is about problems with access to the health service. Please come along. When that’s finished we will be saying goodbye and a bog thank […]

Support the urgent building work at CDA

[wpvideo KZcWp5zh] Our building in Cambridge is undergoing urgent building work and we need support from the community in Cambridgeshire to help pay for it. We need you help. The building has lots of problems: Damp Leaking windows and roof Guttering and brickwork problems Dangerous flooring Old decoration and outdated facilities like toilets and kitchens […]

Volunteer Vacancy: Social Supporter

A volunteering vacancy has arisen for someone caring who is happy to provide social and moral support to a woman with hearing loss. Description A mother with partial deafness requires support to assist her during visits to see her adult daughter who has Aspergers Syndrome. There are no risk factors, daughter is accompanied by two […]

Debbie Powell's Funeral will be on 16th October in Bretton

A message from Debbie Powell’s Daughter, Steph. The funeral of Debbie Powell will take place on Thursday 16th October. Debbie passed away on Wednesday 1st October at home after a long battle with Cancer. The service will be held at: Bretton Baptist Church Copeland South Bretton Peterborough PE3 6YJ (Map) Guests are encouraged to be at […]

Debbie Powell dies after long battle with cancer

Debbie Powell, Sign language teacher and highly-respected member of the local deaf community in Peterborough, died of cancer at home yesterday. Debbie made many friends in the local deaf community through her sign language teaching, which enabled her to help ranks of local people learn the language. She held a passion for and knowledge of BSL that she […]

Watch out for Facebook criminals (with BSL)

We have been made aware of criminals on Facebook trying to take money off deaf people by pretending to work for BDA or other deaf clubs or organisations. Always check with friends or the CDA before giving any money away if you are contacted. See this video from East Lancashire Deaf Association about online criminals. […]