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Sign Language Days

Why not bring Sign Language into your school? We offer a fantastic service for schools across the East and East Midlands region that brings sign language alive and into your school for the day. It’s good for kids, ticks curriculum boxes and may reflect positively in Ofsted inspections when it comes to promoting diversity.

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Here’s what one school had to say about their day:

Thank you so much for your outstanding assembly.  Being the first three days of the new school year, our classes are getting used to their new teachers and behaviour is always an issue.  However, the children were completely captivated throughout.  With regards to teaching and learning, the children secured the entire alphabet and some extra words to boot!  They were introduced to new ideas quickly and, given we have a few children in the school with hearing impairment, it was a welcome topic approached with a humorous and personal touch.  Thank you again and do come back!

Kind regards,

Janice Nussey, Class Teacher

And some thoughts from the pupils in year 6 too!

“It was fun because it helps us to talk to deaf people through sign language.”

“I liked it because the teacher was really fun and engaging. also if we have family members who are deaf it helps us to talk to them. ”