Deaf Awareness Training

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Join our day-long course each month in Cambridge

Our Deafness and Hearing Loss Awareness course is recognised as among the best. Delivered by experts in the field, our course is a comprehensive introduction to the topic and equips attendees with the knowledge needed to better understand and assist deaf customers or members of he public.

Here’s what people said:

“I gained a greater awareness of the complexities of deaf communication”
“All areas were very useful, excellent training!”
“Brilliant delivery, engaging & informative!”
“It had practical tips. I got a better understanding of working with deaf people”
“Really helpful day, will support my practice, very engaging!”

Appealing to many learning styles and utilising innovative training techniques, our course presents the fact about deafness and hearing loss in a fun, engaging and stimulating way.


  • Friday 3rd November 2017
  • Friday 1st December 2017
  • Friday 5th January 2018
  • Friday 2nd March 2018
  • Friday 6th April 2018
  • Friday 4th May 2018
  • Friday 1st June 2018
  • Friday 6th July 2018

Learn what life is like for deaf people in our community and how your service can easily smooth the path for your deaf customers or service users.

*We can also bring the course to you and tailor it to your organisation’s needs*

Here’s what one NHS customer said:

thank you very much for coming to the surgery yesterday afternoon to provide us with some training.  I also wanted to let you know that I have had some really good feedback from some of our GPs and staff regarding your session, which they found both informative and entertaining, so thank you again.

Join our Managing Director Andy Palmer for this fascinating look at deafness and hearing loss or book a session for your workplace.

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