CDA Sign Language Academy

Sign Language Academy LogoWhy not learn sign language with a leading deaf organisation, taught by deaf people who use sign language every day. It’s the best way to learn.

The CDA Sign Language Academy has courses in Cambridge and Huntingdon.


Courses run for 30-weeks and lead to the nationally recognised Signature Level One or Level Two certificate. Learning with us also benefits the local deaf community by helping to fund our services.

Learning sign language has these benefits:

  • It’s a recognised language qualification
  • increase employment opportunities
  • work in the health, education or social care sectors
  • increase your awareness of deafness and deaf people
  • communicate with deaf customers, friends or family
  • meet interesting new people
  • learn something absolutely fascinating
  • By learning with us, you’re supporting deaf people in your community though our charitable work

Liz, one of our students said: “I love it. The CDA tutor is a total expert but she knows how to make learning sign memorable and simple. It’s already come in useful and I can now eye the jobs that require sign language with more confidence.”

Register your interest and we’ll be in touch when any new courses are open for enrolment.

See all the news from the Sign Language Academy here

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