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A HUGE thank you to The Evelyn Trust and the Greggs Foundation for their grants to pay for studio equipment.

[wpvideo wGLK1ZMX]

We would just like to take this opportunity to thank you for your kind donation. Your money has made it possible to create videos like this one for the Deaf Community, to inform them on everything from upcoming events to proper dietary advice.
We can now make videos to a higher quality and faster than ever before, saving time and money. We have a big year ahead here at CDA. We are just about to start a volunteering project that will see a huge growth in both our services and in personnel. This is important as our referrals trebled from 2016-2017. Our ability to create videos will be crucial in this period of growth to keep the deaf community updated with news and information.
Once again, thank you from the Deaf Community in Cambridgeshire and everyone here at CDA.