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Cam Uni Student Needs BSL Users for Research

Cambridge University Student Rowena Bermingham is looking for people to take part in her research into sign language.
Here’s what she says about her work:

My name is Rowena Bermingham and I am a PhD student at the University of Cambridge. My PhD research concerns the way native signers and non-native signers differ when they describe events. I have noticed that you have sent out some research requests to your mailing list recently. Although I understand not everyone will be a user of BSL, I am writing to ask if you could pass on an invitation to participate in my research study to the Cambridgeshire Hearing Help mailing list (see attached PDF). I also have a BSL translation and transcript available at
After I conclude my research, I would be happy to feed the results of my study back to Cambridgeshire Hearing Help. I will produce a report that will suggest how to help learners achieve more native-like proficiency in BSL. My research will also give an insight into issues with live interpretation of events by hearing interpreters.
As you aware, there is a real need for more research into BSL and more funding to support Deaf citizens (whichever language they use). I believe that the more research there is published about BSL, the more aware politicians and the academic community will be of the discrepancy between 1) how BSL and other UK languages (English, Welsh, Scottish Gallic and Irish) are treated in this country and 2) how Deaf and hearing citizens are treated. Hopefully this might encourage more funding for Deaf charities and teaching institutions.

R.Bermingham Email Flyer
Contact her directly via her website if you want to be involved