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Lauren Mansfield is raising money for CDA. What a star!

Lauren Mansfield, who is deaf herself, is going to do a fun run with her children to raise money for The Cambridgeshire Deaf Association. Check out this video and her giving page for more information.
[wpvideo uctBxcvJ]
Lauren explained why she was doing the run:

Born on Monday 19th August, I was a fully functioning baby with normal hearing. The age of two-and-a-half we were told that I had permanently lost my hearing.
A viral infection has damaged all the nerves in the ear and I was no longer able to hear.
Since that day life has been a constant battle. Infections and various problems meant frequently being admitted to hospital and plenty of occasions under the knife. 21 years later and its still no easier, and in fact, not much different apart from the fact that we have bought two beautiful children into the world which I live and fight for everyday.
A year ago I was introduced to this fabulous charity which has changed my life completely.
The support and work they do is incredible to take the other pressures of life away and help in every way shape or form. They truly are amazing. I have decided it’s now time to give them something back and say a massive thank you to them all. So with the help of my babies Harvey (3) and Ruby (2) we are going to dress up silly and do a fun run to raise some money.We hope you can sponsor us and thanks for looking.

You’re welcome Lauren! Always here when you need us.
Visit Lauren’s fundraising page here and please give generously: