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New Peterborough youth group for young people with hearing or vision loss begins in Summer Holidays

Peterborough Deaf youth poster 2017
A new group for young people with hearing or vision loss or both is being piloted in Peterborough this August.
The group is for young people to meet and socialise and either get involved in some informal sport, like basketball or football or just chill with friends. There’s no pressure on people to play any sport if they don’t want to.
The venue is Bushfield Sport Centre in Orton Centre, Peterborough, and space is set aside for those who just want to hang out rather than have a kick about. There is also a Starbucks nearby so parents, guardians or people giving a lift can relax too.
The group is being funded by charity Sense in association with CDA, Guide Dogs for the Blind and Peterborough City Council and is free with a view to the club being a success and becoming established.

  • Tuesday 15th August 2017
  • Tuesday 29th August 2017
  • Time: 2pm to 4pm
  • Ages from 13 and upward
  • For young people with hearing and/or sight loss
  • Free

Contact Details:
Callan Barber Midlans Sports Coordinator (Sense)
Direct line: 0121 415 2759
Extension: 1759
Mobile: 07813 825 571
Reception: 0121 415 2720
Andy Palmer (CDA)
07879 402981