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Police Commissioner hails Deaf Community meeting a success

Police and Crime Commissioner Jason Ablewhite has hailed a meeting with the local Deaf community a success.
In an meeting arranged by CDA tonight, Mr Ablewhite met members of the Deaf community and listened to their concerns and stories of their experiences, mainly relating to accessibility.

Following the meeting he pledged to continue to work together to address the issues and would seek to arrange further meetings with senior officers.
Following the meeting, the commissioner said: “Clearly some of the challenges both myself and the officers of the constabulary need to understand, going forward, to ensure that people who have hearing impairments and who are deaf can access all of our services in the same way everybody else does.”
Andy Palmer, CDA’s Managing director said: “The meeting was a success and I was delighted that the man who is responsible for Cambridgeshire’s Police service was able to meet the community and understand the challenges they face with access.
“I want to thank him for coming along and for his positive words about how we can work together in future to hopefully make some of the issues raised tonight a thing of the past.”
Thank you to hosts, the Allia Future Business Centre, for their warm hospitality and considerate efforts for the delegates.

Jason Ablewhite discusses an issue with a member of the Deaf community