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Terri-Anne and Matthew! Our employees of the year!

A huge well done to Terri-Anne Walker and Matthew Wheeler who jointly won our Employee of the Year Award in 2017.
Both Matt and Terri-Anne got the same amount of positive feedback during the year – an amazing 21 times! The feedback is from colleagues as well as passed on after feedback from clients and professionals.
Both Matt and Terri-Anne will be the guest of honour at a special celebration dinner and receive a certificate and prize.
Here’s just a taste of the feedback they received: About Terri-Anne:
“I thought it was great that Terri Ann took her client swimming last week to a special session at Parkside Pool. Great work and effort to make the lives of our clients more enriched and interesting.”
“Terri-Ann is very good as a support worker. We worked so well as a good team for a client. She is very easy to work and she helps to make my shift easier! Thank you Terri-Anne you doing a great job thanks!”
“Terri-Anne took one of our clients to 10-pin bowling .. and he loved it. Well done!”
“Big kudos to Terri Ann for taking a client to a wedding and staying with him until late! She didn’t finish work until 12:30 at night but the client had an amazing time with his family. It’s just this kind of thing that makes CDA special. Thank you”
About Matt:
“I just wanted to pass on my sincere thanks working with Matthew wheeler recently in court. Matthew was very professional and conducted himself exceptionally throughout the hearing”
“Matt advocated for a client during a very stressful PIP assessment. He remained calm, and unfazed by the PIP assessor who appeared to display a negative attitude.
The client was very grateful for Matthew’s support.”
“I received a phone call from a client’s mother who said: ‘She met with Matt recently and he was brilliant,  she felt comfortable with him, works at her pace, really good.'”
And there is so much more! In fact between Matt and Terri-Anne they were given positive feedback 42 times. All together, positive feedback was given 199 times by staff to other staff in 2017. Congratulations also to all staff who received positive feedback in the year.
In the end though, the year belongs to these two! Well done to Matt and Terri-Anne. We sincerely thank you for your service!