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Volunteer Vacancy: Social Supporter

A volunteering vacancy has arisen for someone caring who is happy to provide social and moral support to a woman with hearing loss.


A mother with partial deafness requires support to assist her during visits to see her adult daughter who has Aspergers Syndrome.
There are no risk factors, daughter is accompanied by two carers and the meeting occur about every 6 week for up to two hours.
The meeting normally take place in social settings or in the context of an activity such as bowling.  Mother would like someone to accompany her to provide social support as she feels a bit anxious with carers present and sometimes does not understand all that is being said.
She is not seeking an assessment of the visit so much as company and someone who can reassure her about the visit. The daughter is approximately 26 years of age.
This voluntary role would suit someone used to communicating with people with a hearing loss, the ability to stay supportive but ultimately impartial and with a friendly and understanding, non-judgemental nature.
If you feel this role is something you could do and want to make a difference to someone who needs support in Cambridgeshire, please fill in the contact form below. Petrol expenses will be paid for.
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