Cambridgeshire Libraries Consultation: Deaf views wanted

Cambridgeshire County Council are consulting on a new strategy for the library service and want your views. There will be two meetings where BSL interpreters will be present where you can give your views on the service directly to the council.

They will be at Fenland Drop in on 14th May at 1pm


Cambridge Lunchtime Drop in on 28th May at 2:30pm

Transcript of the video:

The council want your views on the Library Service in Cambridgeshire

They are currently undertaking a review of the Library Service

The council need to meet tough financial savings so need a new strategy

The Strategy will look at transforming the service to meet a broad range of Council priorities,

Including, changes in way people use the library

How to save money while keeping a good service

and how they can work more closely with different communities

The council hope to raise awareness and understanding of the full scope and challenges they are facing. They want to share the proposed way forward

They want to know whether you think their priorities are right, or whether there are any alternative approaches you feel they should be considering.

The council will be coming to two meetings especially to meet deaf people and get their views.

They will be at Fenland Drop In on 14th May 1pm


At Cambridge Lunchtime Drop in on 26th May at 2:30pm

If you have ideas or views about the library service, please come along and make sure your opinions are counted