Inspirational Employment Presentation

Do you want support to get back into work? Deaf professional Bob Marsh from a company called Clarion is coming to CDA to give a presentation on how he overcame barriers to have a successful career.

Its on 31st May from 12pm at our office in Romsey Terrace, Cambridge. Come along for this fascinating talk about how deaf people can be successful in work and have great careers.

Transcript of the Video:
Here at Cambridge Deaf Association, we’ve organised an Employment Support presentation.
The presentation will be led by Bob Marsh who has been successful in overcoming many barriers in the past, he will give advice on how to improve your CV’s and apply for jobs as he wants you all to achieve great things.
He will be coming here on the 31st May 2017 from 12pm onwards and will be held here at CDA!
See you all there!